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Grenoble 2005 colloquium
"Millstone quarries. Research, protection and valorisation of an European technical heritage.
Antiquity-21 st century"

Organized by the LARHRA and the RGZM of Mainz, the colloquium of Grenoble took place at the "Maison des Sciences de l'Homme-Alpes" (Human Sciences Institute in the Alps), in September 2005, 22 th to 25 th

43 lecturers came from 11 different countries, speaking on three main subjects :

- research on antique and medieval quern and millstone quarries ;
- subterranean sites
- protection and valorisation of quern and millstone quarries

The program is available with this link:

Acts of this colloquium were published in 2006: A. Belmont and F. Mangartz (dir.), Mühlstienbrüche. Erforschung, Schutz und Inwertsestung eines Kulturerbes europäischer industrie - Les Meulières. Recherche, protection et valorisation d'un patrimoine industriel européen - Millstone quarries. Research, protection and valorisation of an European technical heritage . Mainz, 2006, RGZM, 240 p. They can be ordered on the RGZM website :

Conferences have been filmed and can be seen

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